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Welcome to Travel Smith! 

Just about everyone loves to travel.  Along with the joy of going someplace new, trips provide us with new adventures, experiences, and memories that we will hold onto forever.

As busy as our lives can be these days, deciding WHERE to go is the easy part.  HOW to get there is something we can do for you, whether you choose to travel around the world, go on an African safari, or take a short  vacation to another part of the USA. We get to know your wants and your travel style and put together a personalized package that will send you on your way!

We love to  share the excitement of the first time cruiser; to set the romantic scene for wedding-weary honeymooners; nothing is more thrilling  than planning a family reunion for multi-generations exploring the Galapagos or Alaska together… You can choose to spend a year or a few months traveling this beautiful planet and seeing what is out there. We will help you make the dream come true and take the first step.

Call us.  Let us put adventure back into your vocabulary!

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2019 Virtuoso Best of the Best 

2019 Virtuoso Best of the Best This comprehensive catalog lists more than 1,100 Virtuoso preferred hotels and resorts and destinations that Virtuoso advisors have chosen specifically for unique settings, extraordinary service, and top-drawer amenities.

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